Frequently asked questions

What is a browser extension?

After the success of Honey, Calendly and Last Pass, browser extensions or browser plug ins are seen as the fastest growing products in the market. Easy to use, 1 click away, extensions offer utility and ease of use.

What is Pro Boost? Why not just use regular Facebook Boost?

Great question! Pro Boost delivers significantly better results because we use Ai to analyze your post and target audiences so it is seen by the right people. Then we use additional Ai to find the optimum delivery area for those audiences. All this results in more clicks from the right people.

What payment methods do you accept?

Arrow accepts Apple Pay, bank transfer and credit card payments through automated payments or a simple Stripe link.

What kind of support is included?

Arrow offers real time support and email support for our users via real time chat or email. Our support staff usually responds within 20 minutes and often faster.

Can I cancel my plan at any time?

Yes, Arrow is flexible and month to month, any business can stop or start at any time.

How long does onboarding take?

Arrow is currently offered as a managed service. On boarding requires a 15 minute phone call and the Arrow team will manage Arrow for you.

Is my data secure?

100%, Arrow is founded on a simple idea: your business data belongs to you and never leaves your social media accounts. Online privacy is a basic human right.

Where does all this content come from?

Most of the content channels are generated from public RSS feeds, content that is readily available for free on the internet. Arrow also offers custom content channels based on your business's blog or other custom content sources like industry leaders, or local news.

Hear what business owners say about Arrow.

Arrow's technology is outstanding and effective.  As a leading, globally recognized digital first eCommerce brand, Priority Bicycles looks for world class solutions and Arrow and the team are exactly that. They hacked our top of the funnel, found us qualified new customers who fall in love with our bikes. They are going to be a part of our marketing stack for a long time.
Conner Swegle -  Chief Marketing Officer of Priority Bicycles
I love how easy Arrow is, Jason from the onboarding team got me up and running in 10 minutes and now Arrow posts everyday!
Anthony Ciotti -  Founder Tactics2Toys and Veteran
The top of the funnel is everything, if you can't get discovered via social media your business will suffer. Arrow solves this problem better than any other software, anywhere.
Brian MacMahon -  CEO of Expert Dojo
We tried PR, expensive social media managers and none of it worked till Arrow. Now our social media pages are looking great, engaging and effective
Steve Koehl -  President at SD Toyz
My goal is to provide top level strategy for companies to grow fast and let Arrow handle the posting and boosting on social media channels everyday.
Tim Rohling -  Founder Rohling Growth Advisors

Businesses love Arrow. Not convinced Arrow is for you?We love a challenge.