We make Facebook ads work!

Let us guess, you tried Facebook ads once and it got you...a lot of nothing. We're here to fix that. Arrow is like having an entire marketing agency in your pocket. Feels weird but the results are amazing!

Did we mention it's $9 bucks a month!

Ai to the rescue.

Arrow AI analyzes trillions of data points and then helps you target your ads to the right people. Because It's not about getting more clicks — It's about getting the right clicks. So you stop losing money on the wrong people.

No set up.
No stress.

1. Install Arrow to your Chrome Browser.
2. Go to your Facebook Ad Account.
3. Dance with joy (optional but recommended).

Arrow is not a platform! We work with your Facebook Ad Account and show you the right audiences to target. That's it...we make your ads smarter.

Ready. Set. Pro.

Small business spends over 70 billion dollars a year on Facebook ads alone and over 75% of those ads lose money. We're putting $56BN dollars back in the pockets of small businesses.

So relax and let Arrow save you time and money. We're super good at it!

Jump the line! Join our waitlist for Beta.

We're certified Facebook partners and donate 1% of profits to the Small Business Administration. Helping people just like you.

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