Promote like a pro

Your Facebook Page is awesome. Promoting it is a pain in the bleep! Arrow takes the frustration out of Facebook for small businesses and helps you connect with the right people in your community.

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A community of small business all working, smiling and living life!

Magic happens

What does Arrow do? It makes sure your Facebook Promotions are seen by the right people. How does it do that? Magic! OK, it’s actually artificial intelligence that was built by crazy talented developers and experts in machine learning. The point is, it works. Like magic.

No set up
No stress

1. Install Arrow to your Chrome Browser.
2. Go to your Facebook Business Page.
3. Dance with joy (optional but recommended).

Arrow is not a platform! We work with your Facebook Page and show you the right interests to target. That's it...we help you grow your business online and connect with the right people.

Get back to business

You have better things to do — like running your business. Let Arrow make sure that every dollar you spend matters. Because when people are empowered, the world is a better place. Getting your business in front of the right people is our passion!

Download a little magic today!

Available in the
Chrome Web Store

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