Smarter Ads.
Zero Hassle.

Arrow delivers better results for your ads with zero setup. Our AI keeps working to find new audiences 24/7. So you can focus on what matters — your business!

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We Make Your Ads Smarter.

We use cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) to find new and better audiences for your Facebook Ad Campaigns. You know your business and how to sell it. We know how to find who will love what you’re selling.

Zero Clicks.
Zero Setup.

1. Install Arrow to your Chrome Browser
2. Go to your Facebook Ad Account.
3. Dance with joy (optional but recommended).

Don't you have better things to do?

Let Arrow find the people who want what you have. Unless you like spending hours and hours looking at your computer screen. In which case…you need a different kind of help.

Jump the line! Join our waitlist for Beta.

Did we mention Arrow is free? No credit card, no accounts, just free help.

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