Big ideas are often simple.

Powerful technology comes in tiny packages.
We built Arrow because micro-business need it.

Founding Team


Rolan Reichel

Co-Founder & CEO

CEO and entrepreneur focused on building and delivering real solutions for businesses with a radical focus on value and growth online. The ability to build your business on the web is more important than ever and the technologies that support that growth need to meet the business owner at the intersection of their everyday lives - easy to use, empowered with AI, automated, mobile and at your fingertips. This is what we do. Along the way, acquired millions of users across billions in advertising budgets, built technology, took a company public and now focused on real value for our SMB companies.


Pablo Munoz De Cote

Co-Founder & Director

As a serial entrepreneur and investor, I have built very successful businesses and launched many brands in the housewares and pharmaceutical categories in more than 30 countries with 3X exits. I really consider my skills in terms of consumer knowledge amongst the best in the region. Blending technology with deep D2C knowledge enables exponential growth and accelerated revenue for our customers.


Bill Rose


Over the past 30+ years in my career I have been able to constantly learn new approaches and ways to solve problems using software. I have worked with some of the best minds in the industry where we brought the first Search Engine to the Internet (Infoseek, acquired by Disney) which brought information to everyone around the globe. I also had the pleasure of leading engineering at Frame Technology (acquired by Adobe) where we brought long document processing to all size computers. When the iPhone launched I worked with many companies and brands to bring advertising to mobile devices including Honda, Ford, Starbucks, CNBC, Toyota, McDonalds, LG, Unilever, Kraft, Disney, Time, AOL and many, many more.


Sarah Savage

VP of Business Operations

Sarah Savage has been working in the field of marketing for over 15 years.  She was a lead producer for The Facebook Community Boost initiative set up to provide digital skills and training for small businesses in local cities across the country. Sarah spent 10 years working at a bay area marketing agency leading projects for brands such as Dell, Google, Apple, Nike, Kelloggs, Mrs. Meyers, Genentech and Mulesoft to name a few. Sarah has diverse experience in operations, team building, budget management, contract negotiations, quality assurance, creative management and media creation. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature/Letters from Penn State University and was raised in Philadelphia. Currently she lives in Marin County, CA AND has a lot of pets, 2 kids, rides mountain bikes and drinks (too much) Equator Coffee.



Audience Sherpa

I’ve been building businesses since I was old enough to stand up. 20 years of entreprenuerial experience in the digital advertising industry is the foundation of my commitment to solving digital advertising for small businesses. I was one of the first 2,000 people to be certified by Google to use adwords in the United States and has been acquiring users and running ads on Facebook since 2009.  All of this work and hundreds of millions of advertising budgets across Facebook, Google, Connected TV, digital display and other channels has led me to one conclusion: businesses need to succeed on digital to grow and participate in the economy.  When I’m not building on line growth, you will find me in front of a BBQ or building birdhouses in my backyard!

Craig Pavia

VP Partnerships

Developing strong sales relationships through amazing products since 1988. I've been around sales for as long as I can remember, from lacing up sneakers at Body & Sole to working on a blockbuster video ad for a major media brand. I've loved every minute of the challenge of sales, and have been fortunate to learn from some of the best presenters, referral sellers and one-to-one salespeople in the world. My experience has always been to learn from EVERY position, taking a new skill and putting it in my proverbial bag. I can still remember my first sale of a pair of running shoes, my most important sale for a magazine that needed one more spread for the "first issue", and my largest sale to a major electronics brand. Every one of these experiences helped shaped my skill sets.


Todd Crawford

Co-Founder Impact Radius

Co-Founder of Impact Radius, 500+ person global adtech company funded by Providence Equity Partners & Silversmith Capital Partners.

Marty Glick

Golden State Warrios

Marty Glick is in his eighth season with the Golden State Warriors, his sixth as special advisor to ownership. As CFO of Theravance and Co-Founder of Peak Surgical, Marty accumulated a wealth of experience on finance, tax law and the public markets. He has a special place in his heart for small businesses.

Jose Ramos


Google Start Up Ventures; CEO Envelp Ventures;.

Mo Ashfar

CEO, Founder, Advisor

Oracle, Investor GLP, Chairman Pipe 17

Matthew Nordgren

Fund Manager

CEO and Founder, Arcadian Capital, NFL Quarterback; fund manager.

Deva Hazarika

SaaS Founder, Entrepreneur

2X Founder + SaaS Exits, Urban Mapping, Opstarts

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