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Arrow's content plans leverage generative AI
and a proven team of business content experts
to generate more leads, accelerate sales
cycles, enhance customer retention, and
reduce the cost of acquiring new revenue.

Start up:
B2B companies, small business and start ups

  • Business is going well but marketing, sales, and leadership all need MORE CONTENT for decks, Linked In and blogs.  
  • Daily posting on Linked In and marketing content boosts industry credibility and establish thought leadership. Includes sales materials!
  • Great for small businesses, solopreneurs, local businesses and anyone who doesn't have the time to post daily. Plans start at $799.

Full stack:
3600 marketing

  • Optimized SEO (using blogs) drives organic traffic, increases visibility, & attracts hand raisers this reduces need for expensive outbound marketing tactics & can lower CAC by 25%.
  • Over 60% of B2B business lack a comprehensive content strategy in their overall marketing efforts. Be the 40%.
  • Full stack plans include a content expert, strategist, performance marketing and the playbooks of the Arrow founders at a fraction of the cost of hiring a team and 10X the output of a fractional cmo. Plans start at $2,500 per month.

Arrow delivers real growth for businesses

We tried PR, expensive social media managers and none of it worked till Arrow. Now our social media pages are looking great, engaging and effective and using their playbooks and implementation team, building a direct to consumer business for the first time in the 20 years history of the company.
Steve Koehl -  President at SD Toyz
B2B growth requires a playbook and tactical implementation. The reality is that B2B companies are required to produce almost as much content as consumer brands and "win "on Linked In to grow. Rolan delivers the strategy and the team gets the work done month in and month out.
Anthony Ciotti -  Founder Tactics2Toys and Veteran
Arrow has both the team and the technology to deliver growth on social media. They are reliable, dependable and 10X'ed our revenues from social.
Connor Swegle -  Chief Marketing Officer, Priority Bicycles

Arrow Content Gallery

Arrow leverages generative AI and expert content creators to deliver customized, branded business content.

Facebook posts
Instagram Posts
Web Content
Facebook Posts
Linked In
Promotional Posts
Value add posts
Branded, product posts
High engagement posts

Thought Leadership

High value content, branded, customized to the company and industry. Great for lead magnets or Linked In.

B2B Blog Content

Customized, branded and rich with SEO and data for search and next generation search.

Executive Guides for B2B Selling

High Value Content

Arrow Content Plans

Arrow Platform
Start Up
Full Stack
AI Intake
Custom GPT + Agent
Daily Social Posting
Content Calendar
Weekly Linked In Posts
Weekly Blogs
Executive Guides
PPC Ad Creative
Paid Social Media Ads
Email Creative Assets
Sales Materials
Website Reviews
Go To Market Assessment
Marketing Plan
Media Planning
Campaign Management
Campaign Reporting and Optimization

Any business can be a content superhero

Great business content means more business, shorter sales cycles, better customer retention, and a lower cost to acquire new revenue.

Arrow delivers real results

Build buzz on your business page
Reach more potential customers
Automated posting 5X per week
Leverage artificial intelligence
Set it and forget it, done for you
Saves time, focus on your business
Custom, branded content
300% increase in engagement

Frequently asked questions

Where does the content come from?

Arrow is a service that automates the posting and reposting of business content. It sources content from various channels, including industry news, local news, blogs, and your eCommerce store. The content typically includes images, which can be your products or brand, as well as web content, and even content generated by Arrow's AI.

Why repost content

Great question! Reposting valuable information and content is an excellent way to provide value to your customers. A few informative posts help establish credibility for your business. When these are mixed with branded or promotional posts, it becomes the best social media practice for businesses.

Does Arrow require a contract?

Nope! Arrow offers a month-to-month subscription with no long-term contract, and you can cancel anytime. To access our billing portal, please visit our support page and log in. From there, you can change your plans, update your credit card information, or cancel your subscription.

How much of the posts is AI and how much is social media experts.

I is an excellent tool for creating business content, and it continues to improve daily. What distinguishes Arrow is our team of social media experts who meticulously review each post BEFORE it's published on a business page. Our 'humans in the loop' approach is what makes Arrow's posting service exceptionally effective.

What does my dedicated social media expert do?

Depending on your plan, your dedicated social media expert is responsible for daily content curation in your customized business feed, providing you with ready-to-use business posts. In the pilot plan, your social media expert not only schedules the posts but is also available via email at any time to address your questions and provide guidance.

How long does onboarding take?

To maximize the value of Arrow, we recommend a brief 10-minute onboarding call. Additionally, before you sign up, we have a few 'get to know you' screens to help customize Arrow to your needs.

What is a "custom content channel"

This is a key feature of Arrow. Arrow will dynamically turn any content , such as products in a Shopify store, corporate blog or local news into social media posts.

Where does all the business content come from?

Many of our content channels are sourced from public RSS feeds, which means the content is freely available on the internet. Additionally, Arrow provides custom content channels that can be tailored to your business's blog or other unique content sources, such as industry leaders or local news.

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