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Arrow saves at least 6 hours per week by automating business content on your social media pages.

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Built for small teams and solopreneurs

Arrow's posts on your business pages useful and relevant content every day increasing credibility and discoverability

All this content, posted for your business
automatically every day. Sounds pretty nice eh?

Promotional Posts
Announce sales, discounts, promotions, and special offers to attract customers and boost sales.
Holiday and Seasonal Posts
Celebrate holidays, seasons, and special occasions with themed content.Use these posts to connect with your audience and add a touch of festivity.
Industry News and Trends
Share relevant news, trends, and updates from your industry. Position your brand as a thought leader.
Dynamically automate your blog content into social media posts.
Linked In Posts
Longer form and industry specific long form content that will increase engagement on Linked In.
Customer Reviews
Effortlessly transform your reviews into social media posts.
Share motivational quotes, either related to your industry or just general positivity.These posts can resonate with your audience and create a positive image for your brand.
Brand Story
Share stories about your brand's journey, milestones, and successes.Stories create an emotional connection and make your brand relatable.
White Papers & Executive Guides
Post about white papers, executive guides or other sales material and content.
Product Posts
Dynamically automate your eCommerce store products into posts.

Dedicated support

Arrow's team of social media experts look at every post before it is posted. Arrow's "humans in the loop" approach combines the best of AI and expertise to create an effective social media feed.

Email support with 2 hours
Customize the content, provide pictures and feedback
Add new content sources

Arrow delivers real results

Build buzz on your business page
Reach more potential customers
Automated posting 5X per week
Leverage artificial intelligence
Set it and forget it, done for you
Saves time, focus on your business
Custom, branded content
300% increase in engagement

Frequently asked questions

Where does the content come from?

Arrow is a service that automates the posting and reposting of business content. It sources content from various channels, including industry news, local news, blogs, and your eCommerce store. The content typically includes images, which can be your products or brand, as well as web content, and even content generated by Arrow's AI.

Why repost content

Great question! Reposting valuable information and content is an excellent way to provide value to your customers. A few informative posts help establish credibility for your business. When these are mixed with branded or promotional posts, it becomes the best social media practice for businesses.

Does Arrow require a contract?

Nope! Arrow offers a month-to-month subscription with no long-term contract, and you can cancel anytime. To access our billing portal, please visit our support page and log in. From there, you can change your plans, update your credit card information, or cancel your subscription.

How much of the posts is AI and how much is social media experts.

I is an excellent tool for creating business content, and it continues to improve daily. What distinguishes Arrow is our team of social media experts who meticulously review each post BEFORE it's published on a business page. Our 'humans in the loop' approach is what makes Arrow's posting service exceptionally effective.

What does my dedicated social media expert do?

Depending on your plan, your dedicated social media expert is responsible for daily content curation in your customized business feed, providing you with ready-to-use business posts. In the pilot plan, your social media expert not only schedules the posts but is also available via email at any time to address your questions and provide guidance.

How long does onboarding take?

To maximize the value of Arrow, we recommend a brief 10-minute onboarding call. Additionally, before you sign up, we have a few 'get to know you' screens to help customize Arrow to your needs.

What is a "custom content channel"

This is a key feature of Arrow. Arrow will dynamically turn any content , such as products in a Shopify store, corporate blog or local news into social media posts.

Where does all the business content come from?

Many of our content channels are sourced from public RSS feeds, which means the content is freely available on the internet. Additionally, Arrow provides custom content channels that can be tailored to your business's blog or other unique content sources, such as industry leaders or local news.

Amazing Arrow features

Automated posting
Arrow posts relevant, engaging and branded business content on business profiles every day.
Branded content
Build your businesses social credibility with thought leadership content that establishes your expertise.
Automate Content
Connect your Shopify store, corporate blog or any content website and Arrow dynamically creates  posts.

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