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Content Marketing
July 25, 2022

Why Some Social Media Presence is Better Than None

Rolan Reichel

Why is it that everyone and their brother seems to have a thriving social media presence? 

We’re not just talking about the creative post from time to time. Nope—we’re talking gallery-worthy images, clever business and marketing strategies that engage followers, and—speaking of followers—the 500k+ audience that some business social media pages seem to effortlessly accumulate.

In a word: daunting. In fact, as a business owner, it may even make you feel as though there’s no point in doing anything with your own Facebook or Instagram page. Still, as tempting as it may be to give in to that sense of defeat, we’re focusing today on why some social media presence is better than nothing.

The more you engage, the more you’ll see results.

So, we’re about to let you in on a little secret: Instagram tracks how much you post, and will “boost” your posts accordingly. 

No, we’re not talking about actual boosted posts—they’re a different story. What we mean is, if you’re posting on a regular basis (a few times per week), and you’re picking up a moderate amount of engagement each time, Instagram will tend to show your posts toward the top of your followers’ feeds. 

Do you need to post every single day to achieve these results? No, but it certainly doesn’t hurt! Of course, avoid posting random or uninspiring content just to beat Instagram’s algorithm system, but don’t be lazy about posting, either. Odds are, doing so will be worth your time.

Meaningful connections with a few followers go a long way.

Not only will interacting with your followers’ posts play the social media algorithms, but this is actually among the best of ways to retain loyal followers (as well as gain new ones). 

The next time you see a post near the top of your feed that’s creative, funny, or interesting, respond to it—even if your comment is brief. This is an easy way to make your followers feel valued, as well as put your brand name out there for potential new followers. 

...You never know who you might attract to your page with a thoughtful comment!

Hashtags are your friend.

This one is more relevant for Instagram and Twitter than for Facebook, but: use the heck out of hashtags.

Even if you only spend the occasional five minutes looking into the hashtags that are trending best, you’ll be doing your social media page a HUGE (and effortless) favor. If you post quality content with a popular hashtag, you might just attract several new followers to your business’s page—including those who might have never heard of your brand otherwise! 

...Good deal? We think so!

The bottom line here, guys, is: stop comparing. So what if another brand has a bazillion more followers than you, and seems to post all of their photos with a high-def camera and tripod? Good for them! No one said that it has to be you. 

Manage expectations for the time, effort, and resources you put into your own, unique social media presence. Most importantly, get creative and have some fun!

Written by
Rolan Reichel
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Founder | CEO | Hacking the top of the funnel

Talks about #leadership, #entrepreneur, #smallbusiness, #entrepreneurship, and #socialmediamarketing

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