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Business Profile
July 27, 2022
3 mins

Why Social Influence is the MOST important thing and how to get it.

Rolan Reichel

Rolan Reichel, CEO of Arrow shares his insights on how to get real social influence and what it means for your business.

I built a career in digital marketing, selling over $500M worth of technology and media for some of the biggest brands in the world. Exciting times but dedicating your life to saving a multinational 2.6% in efficiency on a $400M media budget is just NOT chicken soup for the soul.

So for the past four years, I went relentlessly all in on one problem that will change the business lives of millions: how to hack the top of the funnel without losing your shirt on paid ads. Arrow is a product based on years of experience and insight.

Arrow is built on a simple but incredibly powerful idea: it is just NOT enough to be great IRL, you have to be superhero awesome on social media too in order to be successful in business. In fact, you might argue that your online profile is more important in business than your offline performance but that debate may also depend on whether you think we are living in a video game or not, lol.

So if you buy that social proof, an engaged following, and a kick-ass profile is the road to fame and fortune, you are not alone. There are plenty of game-changing CEOs and entrepreneurs who have figured this out. Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Gary Vee, and Mr. Wonderful are all household names and have massive social influence.

Business is based on influence and social influence sells.

Business profiles establish trust before we meet a person. Millions of real estate agents, travel agents, micro-businesses, and solopreneurs live on their hustle and expertise. Social media establishes both. Up to date, current and engaging posts signal to a potential customer that you are a business expert and leader with the inside track on the perfect house, right insurance policy, or simply know how to fix a water heater better than anyone else.

Increasing your business profile makes you money, pure and simple. The trick is how do you do this without spending a lot of money. 

Arrow is super easy and is the secret weapon you need to raise your business profile and influence.  Arrow is a simple, easy-to-use thought leadership tool that enables you to program your social media business pages like a VCR. Or like Apple TV if that is more your speed. Lol.  

Think you Don't have the time for Social Media? Failure is the ultimate time suck and in 2 minutes a day, you can post engaging, curated, and premium content from thought leaders on your business pages.

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Written by
Rolan Reichel
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Founder | CEO | Hacking the top of the funnel

Talks about #leadership, #entrepreneur, #smallbusiness, #entrepreneurship, and #socialmediamarketing

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