July 25, 2022

Top 5 Online Marketing Hacks for Real Estate (Or YOUR Small Business)


Where are all of our rockstar real estate agents?!

If you’re in real estate, you’re probably aware of just how much of the industry has migrated online. In fact, some stats show that 84% of real estate professionals are now leveraging online platforms, such as social media, to build their brand and boost their business.

Whether you show and negotiate listings for a living, or run any small business that requires marketing, promotion, and exposure, we’ve got five digital marketing tools that we highly recommend to drive traffic, increase customer interest, and boost your total completed sales. 

Ready to see some results? Good—because we’re about to show you how to get them!

1. Develop Your Email Campaign Game

Email campaigns are a very effective way to keep potential buyers up to date on new listings and developments (no pun intended) in the world of real estate. Tools such as Mailchimp and Omnisend are free, making them great for your budget as well as for business!

The average open rate of real estate-related emails is 27%, with a click-through rate of 3%. That said, if you make your content as engaging and relevant as possible to your audience, you can almost always increase your number of click-throughs.

2. Build Your Digital World

Professional broker website? Check! Active social media page that reflects your brand? Check, check!

We were already moving in the direction of conducting more and more business virtually pre-pandemic, but now more than ever, it’s essential to have a well-maintained website for your broker business. Social media goes hand in hand with this, as a Facebook or Instagram page allows you to develop a following of potential clients and an eager audience for your listings. Think about it: they’re following you because they want to, and that’s half the battle.

Think of each social media post as a pitch! You never know the responses you might get.

3. Utilize SEO with a Blog

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can have a big impact on business. That’s because interspersing SEO keywords through a blog post, for instance, will allow your content to rank higher in search engines such as Google. This means an automatic uptick in traffic to your website!

Moreover, maintaining a blog with regularly scheduled posts to relay your industry expertise is fantastic for exposure. If potential clients are searching for real estate information and your blog appears, you suddenly have a chance at landing their business.

Tools such as Mangools and SEO Surfer are recommended for SEO optimization, which have built-in keyword research tools that will give you an edge over the competition. 

4. Highlight Customer Feedback

When it comes to marketing, referrals should never be overlooked—they can be an invaluable business asset. If you have happy customers who are singing your praises from the rooftops via email or social media, why not have them put it in a formal review on sites such as TrustPilot?

It’s easy to forget how easy, yet powerful, a simple word-of-mouth recommendation can be! 

5. Leave Your Promo to the Pros

Finally, have you considered sitting back and simply letting the pros handle your publicity?

Let Arrow do the heavy lifting for ya! You focus on doing what you do best—running your business—and we’ll focus on connecting you with customers who need your services. 

With 80% of small businesses now turning to digital tools for marketing success, GetArrow strives to be the solution you didn’t even know you needed. Put us to work and enjoy the results! We promise, they’ll come.

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