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Micro Businesses
August 3, 2022
2 mins

This is not the great resignation, this is the biggest wave of work in 60 years!

Rolan Reichel

This is not the great resignation, this is the biggest wave of work in 60 years! 

Rolan Reichel, CEO of Arrow shares his insights on how to get real social influence and what it means for your business.

There has been a lot of talk over the past few years about people quitting and leaving their jobs. However, despite the headlines, the data tells a different story and it goes like this. First, people in the US are generally working more jobs, longer hours, and more diverse set of tasks to make money;  and second, people want to work on their own terms. The fundamental values that drive this change are a strong belief in entrepreneurialism.  Which is why we founded Arrow! 

For the last 3 years more new businesses are being started than the year before. In 2022, according to Visa and Intuit, 17M new small and micro businesses will be created. Micro businesses account for 41M people and $9T in economic activity.  More people work in the micro business economy than in Corporate America.

Meet Edward, part-time real estate agent and part-time Esty seller. Edward lives just south of San Francisco and spends 80% of his time selling houses. From September to December he and his wife operate a seasonal online business.  This approach to gaining income is more common now than ever. 

A side hustle is the main hustle now as millions realize that they don’t want to commute, and spend years moving up a corporate ladder one rung at a time when starting your own company is easier than ever.

17 Million new businesses, micro and small will be started in 2022.

The future of work will be more fast-paced, more transient, and more transactional than ever.

What does this mean for starting and scaling a business? Rather than months to build credibility and social proof, both 100% critical to success, businesses have to move fast. Getting to market quickly and building a solid top-of-the-funnel that is EFFECTIVE and AFFORDABLE is more important than ever. No top of the funnel means no business. 

Arrow solves this critical pathway with tools to post and boost on social media pages as easily as queuing songs in Spotify. No unreliable freelancers, expensive agencies, or full-time social media managers are required. Arrow provides content for social pages that is relevant, engaging, topical, and establishes your business as trustworthy and credible. People buy from businesses they trust. Want to learn more, click here to see pricing and options -

Written by
Rolan Reichel
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Founder | CEO | Hacking the top of the funnel

Talks about #leadership, #entrepreneur, #smallbusiness, #entrepreneurship, and #socialmediamarketing

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