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October 18, 2023
2 mins

Social Media for Introverts: Finally There’s Hope

Eddie Davis, The Sales Funnel Professor

Social Media for Introverts: Finally There’s Hope

At Sales Funnel Professor, we perform sales funnel audits for tech companies across the globe that need to make more sales, and many of those companies are led by analytically-minded technologists. 

Are they chatterboxes? Do they spend much time on Instagram swiping through what influencers have posted that day? Not so much. Social media for introverts feels unnatural.

But those tech leaders also use their keen minds for analytics and realize that their buyer audiences ARE on social media, and huge businesses have been built using social media as the primary top-of-funnel source (where strangers meet a brand for the first time).

How Do Introvert-Led Big Companies Do Social Media?

Pretty simple. They hire a marketing department with social media experts. Sometimes the CEO or founder is present in scripted videos, but a lot of times, you never see them.

The social media folks have access to huge repositories of stock and branded images, graphic designers in-house, and traffic analytics tools to figure out what topics and hashtags are trending.

So they take all the intellectual horsepower and put together what’s called a content calendar and map what they will post each day on each of their social channels: Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, etc. if they market consumer products and LinkedIn and Twitter/X if they’re more big business oriented.

That’s Great…I’m an Introvert and I Don’t Have Enough $ to Even Make One Marketing Hire

Exactly!  Been there, done that. At smaller companies, we’ll see a familiar pattern on their timeline.

  • Stage 1: Social media business page launches and a couple weeks of solid posting happen
  • Stage 2: a couple a couple months of sporadic posting
  • Stage 3: Crickets chirping

Usually, all of the above happens before any new business materializes.

Why? Because the business owner finds that type of thinking painful. They don’t naturally share what’s going on in their life or business with people they see everyday, so why would they share with strangers?

Doing social media for an introvert business owner is like doing bookkeeping. It can feel like torture.

But There’s Hope…AI Isn’t Just for Cheating on Homework or Writing Emails You Don’t Want to Be Bothered With Anymore

I say that somewhat tongue-in-cheek. There are plenty of good uses of AI, but all the noise is around ChatGPT and so-called generative AI. There are companies using AI to eliminate the need for humans to underwrite loans and insurance policies, and answer support questions more intelligently than foreign contractors will ever be able to.

But when I saw what Arrow was up to, I got really excited. Why? Because social media works great as a top-of-funnel source for small businesses, and it’s much harder to set money on fire using it versus trying to do Google Ads yourself. 

Moreover, I’m an introvert myself and have owned many small businesses over the years. I’ve grown Facebook followings to north of 100,000 followers on my own posting, and it was painful.

So How Can Arrow Solve the Social Media for Introverts Problem?

The basic functionality is you set up your brand profile (or your personal profile if they are one and the same). You then choose from a bunch of different news sources.

If you’ve ever set up a sports news app, it’s a similar concept. Instead of choosing teams, you choose topics that are of interest to your potential clients.

And then let Arrow do its thing! The AI pulls in interesting topics with links and does some light editorial commenting on them. 

All you have to do is grab the ones you like, tweak them if you like, and then drop them on the calendar.

Sounds Easy…But How Does That Help Me Make More Money?

Remember I said top-of-funnel? That means your primary goal is to get people to recognize that you exist at all and then form a memory that hopefully associates your logo or face with the value you bring.

So what you’re doing with Arrow is sharing useful information. Yes, your clients could go read, but if they’re like most of the population, most of their reading is actually on social media timelines.

So you’re being present, creating a positive impact by sharing value, and working to be the first business that comes to mind when someone that has a problem you solve actually has that problem.

All of that for less than the price of a nice dinner on the town? Set-it-and-forget-it social media? Yep, I’m pretty excited about Arrow and what it can do for my introvert friends who need to grow their small businesses.

About the Author:

Eddie Davis is a serial entrepreneur who enjoys helping businesses separate the signal from the noise in their sales and marketing efforts and grow giant sales funnels. Learn more at

Written by
Eddie Davis, The Sales Funnel Professor

Eddie Davis is a serial entrepreneur who enjoys helping businesses separate the signal from the noise in their sales and marketing efforts and grow giant sales funnels. Learn more at

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