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August 17, 2022
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Program your Linked In feed with content as easy as queuing up a playlist on Spotify!

Rolan Reichel

Program your Linked In feed with content as easy as queuing up a playlist on Spotify!

Welcome to the Arrow weekly update, direct from Rolan, Founder and CEO focusing on REAL insights around digital marketing and how to HACK the top of the funnel and radically win online.

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Linked In:

It is not enough to just be good at work IRL, business success is based on your social profile. A lame, out-of-date business page leads to failure. A current, relevant, and content-driven page means more leads and sales = more money.

People buy from people and businesses they trust and trust is established online BEFORE you ever meet IRL.

Before mass media, the personal brand was secondary to what you did. Jason and the argonauts became famous for 2,000 years because of their adventures. Harry Potter doesn’t need a FB page. The pirate Blackbeard is a household name because he sailed the seas and well, pirated. Think about two presidents - Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. Lincoln would never in a hundred million years be elected in the age of television and mass media. Tall, awkward, dour, un-relatable, Lincoln’s personal brand was, well, just not good. Lincoln won the presidency because people liked what he did, and what he accomplished. In the age of television, John and Jacqueline became superstars; he won the election because people liked him.

Agencies are the center of business communities, working with many different types of companies. Arrow is your guide.

What is the lesson for a personal brand?

Simple, our online profile is the gatekeeper to business success. If your profile doesn’t impress in just a few seconds, your potential customer will not go any further and become a lost opportunity. The pressure to create, and post content every day and on many channels is real and crushing for millions of solopreneurs, small business owners, and well, just regular people.

What are potential customers looking for when visiting your business pages and profiles? Customers are 5X more likely to contact your business if you do these three things.

  1. Keep your business profile up to date with pictures and contact information.
  2. Recent posts - and ongoing, at least 3X a week.
  3. Relevant - the page says, hey, I am an expert in my domain and good at my business.

Winning on social media is really not hard, just time-consuming. Well, not anymore… Arrow makes it affordable and straightforward.

That’s it, remember, the potential customer is literally gonna spend 3 seconds looking at your page before she/he sends an email, dials your number or completes a lead form. That’s it, so your page has 8 seconds to say - 1) I am a real person; 2) I am alive 3) My page is up to date and 4) I know a lot about my business.

Arrow accomplishes all 4 with an affordable, effective SaaS tool. Arrow is the 1st Ai-driven content cloud that has every piece of business content on the internet, sorted and delivered to your profile. It’s like programming content for your business page the same way you queue up songs for Spotify. That easy.

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Rolan Reichel
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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