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August 25, 2022
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Level up your personal brand

Rolan Reichel

Level up your personal brand

Welcome to the Arrow weekly update, direct from Rolan, Founder and CEO focusing on REAL insights around digital marketing and how to HACK the top of the funnel and radically win online.


Linked In:

Personal brand is more important than ever and building your personal brand is easier than ever.  It starts with a share or repost.

What is the lesson for a personal brand?

Dan Lok, in a 2019 article on Forbes, How To Use Your Personal Brand To Support Your Company, highlights how a strong personal brand based on reputation, posts, content and social profile will uplift a corporate brand.  An executive team with large following, authorship and a clear point of view leads to funding, partnerships and can deliver real world growth for a company

Keeping it real? The era of slick, glossy corporate speak is over.  In business, people want to know WHO they are doing business with.  Here are a few points on how to be authentic on your LinkedIn profile.

  • Show something about yourself on the banner image and DON’T use one of the generic backgrounds provided by Linked In.
  • Share posts from thought leaders or inspirational and aspirational content.
  • Share professional experiences and how they impacted you personally.  Achievement are important and it is OK to take a victory lap everyone once in a while but don’t forget to share how you got there, the struggle and the journey.
Be Real and Be Yourself!

Arrow is launching on Linked In in just a few weeks, and will enable anyone to curate thought leadership, impactful and amazing content from thousands of leaders, post that content with unique content and hashtags.  Arrow will get you in the content game so you can level up your professional profile, all for $49 bucks a month.  Pretty cool right?

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