Join Us for the D2C Revolution

Jul 25, 2022

Hello Friends and Fellow Entrepreneurs! 

While our political and civic leaders are making important decisions regarding our cities and social spaces, our online world is evolving and growing fast: video conferences, online communication and, of course, ecommerce!

What an exciting time to be in ecommerce and a brand owner or entrepreneur! Ecommerce companies are answering the challenges for essential goods, products and meeting the needs of consumers who are shifting to working at home and shopping online more than ever.  

At Custom Social our focus is on enabling entrepreneurs.  We think that mid size companies led by strong, founder centric teams are underserved by traditional advertising technology and agencies.  The old models of “percentage of media spend” and high up front costs are a drag on the D2C revolution happening now.  These models need to change, the barriers to entry and success online need to be lowered and the cost to get started and get profitable reduced.  Reducing friction increases competition and stimulates growth and that is good for our economy and our country.  Custom Social is a part of a group of companies building the on ramp to the attention economy so that millions of small and medium size businesses make the transition to online and keep our economy strong!  

Here is a great example of one of our brand partners who is growing fast. Truth Treatments with it’s charismatic and dynamic CEO Ben Fuchs always had a good online business.  As their retail business was hit hard, Truth Treatments, using Custom Social’s tools and teams, shifted focus to their D2C sales channel, retooled operations and successfully made the transition to a 100% online and ecommerce brand.  Over the past 3 months, the D2C business has grown over 300% and we expanded into new markets in Canada and the UK. 

I hope everyone is staying safe, healthy and sane.  If you're looking to move your business online or looking for affordable and powerful solutions to customer acquisition for your e-commerce business please get in touch.  We have the technology and the teams to make it happen and we love talking to entrepreneurs!  Drop a line anytime to

Best regards,

Rolan Reichel

CEO, Custom Social