How to Make Captivating Facebook Ad Campaigns

Jul 25, 2022

Why do any of us make and invest in social media ads? One word: conversions. 

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media platforms provide ample space to sell your product or service by increasing brand awareness and consumer engagement. Still, it’s impossible to be on social media all the time, bragging about your brand to the high heavens (much as you might like to). 

Enter the world of ad campaigns. Basically, a well-designed ad makes it possible for you to go about business as usual while a pre-designed, prepaid ad continues driving awareness, engagement, and -- you guessed it -- sales. If you’re thinking: those are tall tasks for an ad, you’d be correct...which is why making your ad visually appealing to your target audience is so important! 

In light of that, we’ve compiled a few simple tips and tricks to make your Facebook ad campaign really *pop* to consumers, ensuring you get optimal results.

1. Tell a single, cohesive story with your ad image.

If there’s too much going on in your ad image, consumers may be distracted or confused about how to interpret it. Assuming that someone scrolling on Facebook isn’t already in a buying mindset, your ad’s job is to get them there. Create a powerful story with your ad image for best results. Be thoughtful and intentional about what’s being conveyed; your image should reflect your brand while being attention-grabbing, clever, or moving.

2. Make your call to action unmistakably clear.

Behind every effective ad is a clear call to action (CTA). Ideally, your CTA should be reflected somewhere on the ad itself, as well as in the post’s accompanying text. For example, if you’re selling a dating app service, your CTA might be: “Meet your special someone today!” Accompanying this CTA might be an incentive to join by a certain date to get the first month free.

In other words: tell consumers exactly what you want them to do upon seeing your ad. Being clear, concise, and to-the-point often results in highly effective marketing.

3. Let your graphic take center stage.

Perhaps the most important component of an effective Facebook ad campaign is a high-quality, properly-formatted graphic created with the latest technology. The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to make it happen! The Canva app, for instance, is free for Android and iOS, and allows you to create beautiful and professional graphics instantly for ads.

When designing your graphic, you should also keep overlapping text to a minimum. Your image should speak for itself, and any included messaging should ideally be a clear CTA.

4. Use color to your advantage.

What are you trying to sell or provide with your product or service? What consumer need(s) does your brand fulfill? 

A lot of research has been done on the psychological effects of marketing and color. Red, for instance, tends to make people feel hungry and impulsive. Green, meanwhile, promotes a soothing effect. Incorporating the appropriate colors into your visual can play up the emotions you want your target audience to feel as they view your ad.

We hope we’ve given you some helpful tips to consider as you design your Facebook ad campaign! Creating high-quality visuals with clear, concise messaging will go a long way toward drawing in new customers and reflecting a strong brand identity.