July 25, 2022

Harnessing the Power of S.T.A.Y. on Social Media


We’re convinced that if you find social media to be a drudgery, it’s probably because you feel that every post has to showcase something new and exciting about your business.

In fact, if you’ve ever opened Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to type out an update, then overthought things and closed the app, you’re probably overestimating the amount of strategy that should go into posting.

...No wonder social media feels daunting!

Today, we’re going to be talking about one very simple idea you can adopt to make social media posting a breeze. Enter the world of S.T.A.Y: stop talking about yourself. Yes, you heard correctly—your business account doesn’t have to focus solely on business. Secret: if it did, you’d probably end up boring your followers over time! 

So, if you’re going to stop talking about your business and more about your own life, where should you start? Check out our helpful suggestions to harness the power of S.T.A.Y. so you can S.L.A.Y. on social media (yeah, we know we’re cute).

Post for the hell of it. 

Who doesn’t love a thought-provoking anecdote, quote, or conversation-starter?

If you’re a person who constantly has interesting ideas or epiphanies but never considered sharing them, now’s the time to start! Turns out, the social media realm is perfect for throwing a unique thought or opinion out there for followers to engage in stimulating conversation.

You definitely don’t have to turn your page into a philosophical haven, but if you’re an introspective person and often find yourself lost in thought, use that as a social media superpower. Pose an idea or question, and ask your audience to weigh in. When you do this, you’re inviting people to do precisely what they come to social media to do: interact.

Post for positivity.

Let’s face it: the world can often feel like a dark and gloomy place to live. Some days more than others, there’s a downright apocalyptic feel in the air.

With a global pandemic and other upsetting current events, make your social media page a place where positivity lives! Inject some humor into your followers’ feeds with a lighthearted meme, post an embarrassing picture or video where you’re poking fun at yourself, and just let your natural humor shine through. If you’re a naturally positive person, this step should feel effortless, and come especially easily for you!

Post for solidarity.

As a business owner, taking a public stand for a cause or movement you believe in can be very beneficial for business.

Of course, this shouldn’t be your only reason or motivation for posting, but people like people who are passionate. If you can establish an emotional connection with your followers by bonding over your interests, values, and paradigms, you’ll become less of an impersonal business and more of a passionate person running a business. The difference between the two is substantial.

So what exactly are we getting at with all of this?

Who you are is every bit as important as what you do—and in fact, moreso. You might think that your social media followers are only interested in your business, but by sharing pieces of the real you with your audience, you’re able to establish a personal connection.

That’s a heck of a lot more than a product or service can do on its own!

The next time you’re stressed about posting on social media, keep S.T.A.Y. in mind, and share a little of yourself with your followers. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

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