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July 25, 2022

For Immediate Release - Arrow Ai Press Release - Arrow AI Launches a Free Boost for Small Businesses


Arrow AI Launches a Free Boost for Small Businesses 

BERKELEY, CA, July 27, 2021 / - On Friday, July 16 Arrow AI, officially launched Arrow Boost in the Google Chrome Web Store. This marks the start of a new era for digital marketing allowing small and mid size businesses (SMBs) to expertly target their audience with a browser extension at no cost, for a limited time. In the last year, smart and efficient marketing tools have become more important than ever for SMBs to capture market attention. Now every SMB can adapt to rapidly changing market trends to find their customer with confidence. 

The unprecedented challenges of the pandemic have made digital marketing tools the norm for connecting business and consumers. While many businesses have expertly adapted to this shift, a common frustration with SMBs was efficiently reaching their target audience. While social media is known to be the fastest and most effective way to engage with consumers, many small businesses  were struggling with how to make their Facebook boost translate into worthy investments. 

From a survey of 1,000 small business owners by Google and Deloitte in 2020, 25% respondents revealed that the pandemic accelerated the adoption of digital tools and 31% said that embracing new technology helped their business during Covid-19 pandemic. There are millions of businesses struggling to learn, utilize and succeed using digital advertising with 80% of businesses seeking to drive sales through digital marketing tools.

“Our mission is to democratize the media tools, creating more access for SMBs and digital advertising ecosystems for ALL businesses.  The reason we can tackle this problem is because Facebook built the platform and launched the ecosystem we are dedicated to making better. Arrow AI is going to save SMBs $38 billion dollars per year,” says Rolan Reichel, Founder & CEO of Arrow AI.

Arrow AI analyzes over 5 million data points and uncovers over 10 trillion micro audience combinations so that businesses can target their ad to the correct audience. Simply put, the product uses artificial intelligence to sift through all the information and data to ensure that brands and customers seamlessly connect the dots and find each other. The concept is built on data sharing, guiding SMBs to be more efficient as they find their audience. Typically SMB’s struggle to tap into their consumer base, as they don’t have enough budget to gain traction and reach their customer.   With Arrow AI, SMB’s are able to leverage the massive data collective that has been accumulated to provide SMBs with a higher return at a lower cost through targeted social media marketing. 

With the launch of Arrow Boost in the Google Chrome Web Store, targeted Facebook boosting has never been easier. For those interested, make sure to add Arrow Boost to your browser from the Google Web Store.

About Arrow AI

Arrow AI is Artificial Intelligence that utilizes expansive data to help small businesses efficiently and effectively target their social media ads. Arrow’s strength lies within its proprietary data set and patent-pending technology, which uses interest-based targeting rather than cookies or mobile device ID data. Arrow Boost is a browser extension for small businesses, built on trillions of data points from social media, empowering small businesses to be more effective at promoting their businesses while learning from each other. The tool helps SMBs expertly find their audience to increase their business page and profile promotion.


Google Web Store: Arrow Boost 

For interview requests with Rolan Reichel and media enquiries, please contact:  Tara Anderson at or at +1 (647) 997-9704

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