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July 25, 2022

Facebook Business: Is It Necessary?


Facebook Business: Is It Necessary?

In recent years, it might seem as though Facebook has taken a bit of a backseat among social media platforms. With the rise of TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram (now owned by Facebook), you might be wondering whether Facebook is as relevant as it used to be. As a business owner, you might also be wondering whether the site is worth using for promotion.

The thing is? Sharing and posting to Facebook Business is well worth your time. Out of the 1.9 billion people who visit Facebook pages for local business, 40% of those users look up a business’s social media before ever contacting the store or service.

The bottom line here is that setting up a Facebook Business page is highly recommended. We’d even go a step further to say that it’s integral to spreading awareness and driving customer engagement.

Let’s explore a few of the perks you might enjoy from setting up a Facebook Business page.

Connect with Your Community

We’ve discussed the importance of community for local businesses in previous blog posts, but we have to touch on it again because it really is necessary for your business to flourish.

Of course, the type of business you own matters when we discuss community. For simplification, let’s say you run a retail boutique located in the heart of your town. Without the support of your community, your business probably isn’t sustainable.

By creating a Facebook Business page, you have the advantage of constantly connecting with the people who visit and support your business. Posting regularly not only reminds your customers of who you are and what you do, but posting about local events is a good way to remind your customers that you’re part of the same community.

Keep in mind that many people would rather support their neighbors over big corporations. By showcasing your products or services on social media, you’re reminding the people in your community that you are capable of servicing them every bit as effectively as large companies.

Keep Up with the Competition

While not every business has a Facebook page, the odds are good that your competition probably has one – and if you don’t, you’re already at a disadvantage compared to them.

…That’s because if your competitors have Facebook Business pages, they’re raking in new followers, growing their audience, and increasing brand awareness through likes, comments, and shares.

Facebook is excellent for exposing businesses to potential new followers by revealing one person’s interaction with your brand on their friend’s news feed – so you can grow your audience without even actively trying. If your competitors are benefiting from this while you take a backseat on social media, you could miss out on dozens or even hundreds of potential customers, losing them instead to competing businesses.

Stay Relevant to Your Customers

Finally, maintaining even a semi-active Facebook Business page is an excellent way to remain in the forefront of your customers’ minds.

The great part about staying relevant by leveraging social media is that you don’t have to post every day to reap the rewards. In fact, posting just three times per week is effective for driving growth and traffic to your page, though posting once per day is optimal.

For example: if you own a restaurant that has revolving specials, posting them on your page several times each week is an excellent way to get customers to stop in. Posting special discounts and limited-time offers is another good way to stay relevant on social media. Your audience is more likely to continue following your posts – and even sharing them – if your content is worthwhile!


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