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March 30, 2023
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Dont be amazing, just be real

Rolan Reichel

Good morning. Something that's been bothering me lately. It’s the unrealistic expectations we have of ourselves and others when it comes to social media especially in the business world.

In this digital age, we all seem to be under the impression that we need to be amazing at everything, all the time. We are supposed to succeed in every moment of our lives, every thought that comes into our heads, and every feeling we experience. We are supposed to be witty, charming, and endlessly entertaining. We are supposed to have a million followers and get thousands of likes on every post.

But let me tell you something, folks, this is simply not realistic. Nobody is amazing all the time, and it's unfair to expect people to be. We all have bad days, moments of insecurity, and times when we don't feel like sharing anything at all. And that's perfectly okay.

This is where Arrow AI comes in. This revolutionary tool can help us take the pressure off ourselves by automating our social media presence for our business. Arrow AI takes care of the more mundane tasks of posting every day, sourcing content that is aligned with our business, so we can focus on sales, strategy or customer support.  Millions of businesses rely on social media for discovery, walk in and new leads.  Social media  remains the #1 way to find new customers at the “top of the funnel” and Arrow is the best tool in the world to increase exposure at the top of the funnel.  

In conclusion, my friends, we need to stop putting so much pressure on ourselves to be amazing on social media. It's simply not realistic, and it's not fair to expect others to live up to that standard either. Instead, let's embrace tools like Arrow AI that can help us take the pressure off and enjoy social media for what it is: a fun and creative way to connect with others.  And remember, in the immortal words of Robin Williams, "No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world." Thank you, and goodnight!

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Rolan Reichel
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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