July 25, 2022

Custom Social is a Privacy First Company!


We built this company as a privacy-first business.  What does that mean?  Our technology and approach to advertising do not require capturing PII or device ID.  Designed and implemented from the ground up. 

Facebook has released an overview of how they see these changes impacting small businesses:


With more detailed guidance to manage it here:


We are in front of this and fully prepared to make any changes or modifications to our client’s campaigns to ensure that all campaigns will continue to work properly.  Rest assured! 

Changes to device ID tracking is further indication that interest-based targeting is the future of advertising.  Knowing the brands, movies, books, and things that people like and showing them ads that are relevant to those “interests” is core to marketing.  It means that advertising is relevant and useful to consumers.  It is safe, not based on personally identifiable information (PII), efficient, and effective. 

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