July 25, 2022

Covid and Cookies! How the Travel Industry will win social media effectively and efficiently!


The travel industry got hit with a double whammy: Covid stopped travel revenue and the loss of Cookies as an advertising tool impacts your current data and CPAs dramatically.  We have a solution

ARROW is a privacy first company, our advertising solutions are NOT based on cookie data or device ID, protect consumer data AND offer efficiency and effectiveness to advertisers.  

It is a truism to say that the travel industry was severely impacted by Covid-19.  Here are the numbers:

  • Global travel revenue down 42.1% from 2019
  • Cruise lines down 70%-80%  
  • Airlines collectively are looking at a $391BN USD revenue shortfall in 2020

As travelers return to the air, the sea and the land, the competition for both pleasure and business travelers will be fierce.  To add fuel to the fire, marketers are emerging from these downward trends looking to make up lost ground fast and finding that the marketing landscape has changed significantly in three ways.

1.  The traditional data sources of the industry, cookie based browser/search history, are going away.  This dramatically undermines the value of programmatic ads and existing data sets.

2.  D2C explosion creating increased competition in the digital ecosystem.

  • Facebook has added 2 MM new advertising accounts in the past 24 months
  • Online advertising spend is up on all major platforms (Google and Facebook 20%)
  • Major retailers are shifting on line, Nike sells 40% of all their goods online directly to consumers and is looking to grow that to 60% over the next 5 years. 

3.  Device ID “opt out” in iOS 14.  As part of a move to privacy, the new iPhone operating system default opts “out” for device ID tracking, reducing the ability of advertisers on Facebook to target by device ID.  This limits geo targeting as well as current advertiser data sets.

In response to these and many other changes, interest-based targeting is emerging as the “way forward” with adoption by both Google and Facebook as the primary approach to ad targeting.  GREAT news for us as we have been developing interest based targeting tools for the last 18 months, patented and proprietary technology AND an “interest graph” that is effective, efficient and privacy first.  

We are ready to roll out interest based audience segments for all areas of travel and travel types.  Whether the traveler is traveling 15 miles or 1,500 miles we take the human guessing out of the equation and find new audiences, conversions quickly and effectively.  Be the first to get travelers back into your plane, boat, car or destination.  

Right place, right team, right time!

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