July 25, 2022

August Notes from the CEO


Dear Friend,

Now, more than ever, our online and offline worlds are colliding across personal, professional, entertainment, news, etc. and the ability to successfully access the web and engage the attention economy are controlling factors in outcomes for many if not all businesses over the next few years. 

Custom Social is focused on enabling and (em)powering this access for a tsunami of emerging microbrands and businesses of all sizes.  Micro is not quite the right word used in the context of a world of mega brands such as Nike, Dove, and Kleenex.  Local and micro is the future! 

The Economist published an article a while back, titled The Growth of Micro Brands Threatens Consumer Goods Giants.  Innovative direct to consumers (D2C) brands such as Warby Parker and All Birds are pioneers in disrupting the traditional big brand/retail complex.  Even Tesla, potentially one of the most innovative companies in history, proved that a car maker could circumvent traditional retail and take a dreaded experience (the car lot) and turn it into an exciting and inspiring purchase event (like the first time you opened up a box with a smart phone inside).  

These D2C pioneers paved the pathway for micro brands and the self serve D2C ecosystem
(Shopify, Klayvio, Mailchimp, WooCommerce, Custom Social, Wix to name just a few) are providing the platform for a global entrepreneurial explosion of goods and services.  It is not an understatement to say that anyone can access a global market and that online shopping is as strong in China as it is the US and other major consumer markets.  Covid-19 has accelerated these trends and raised the stakes as our economy undergoes major shifts. 

Custom Social is a part of this emerging, multi platform, SaaS ecosystem to (em)power millions of businesses to successfully advertise on line.  Our niche audience approach is Neilson consumer insights and The Trade Desk in one package, powered by AI and delivered in a simple yet powerful, easy to use interface for any business. 

Thank you for your support, be well, be safe and don’t hesitate to get in touch to chat on how we will support entrepreneurship and business growth for many years to come. 

Best regards,


Rolan Reichel

CEO // Custom Social


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