January 25, 2021

How to take one blog post or featured article and repurpose it across all of your social channels.

How to take one blog post or featured article and repurpose it across all of your social channels. 

Content, content, content… by now, we’ve all heard that we need to generate content—to become storytellers—but what does that really mean? And who has the time? And why is this so important?!

Building Your Audience

It's not about creating content for content sake, it's about providing helpful and useful information that your target audience is interested in, looking for and can engage with. Think about this post, for example. How are we going to repurpose it across our various social channels and feed the social content machine—to let people know we’ve got something they might find valuable and allow them to discover our social media (Facebook) audience targeting services. 

We’ll cover what makes a good blog post in another article, but for now, let’s just say that you’ve got an audience (or you’re building one, like us :) and you want to get your content out there to your growing audience. And specifically, we’re talking about organic impressions, versus paid media, where you pay to boost your posts. We want to repurpose our content—this blog post—to different audience segments across various social channels. 

Repurposing Across Social

Each social channel has a different segment of your target audience. For example, I spend most of my social time on Instagram, but rarely do I log into Facebook, even though I have a presence there. I also hit LinkedIn from time to time, depending on what I’m working on. Occasionally I’ll glance at Pinterst or even Twitter, but that’s rare. This blog post, about repurposing content for social media, should go out to all of these channels, but in different formats, creating unique subsets of this original piece of content. Let’s take a closer look at the various social platforms and see how we can successfully repurpose this post to those various channels.

LinkedIn - here at Custom Social, we are really targeting savvy marketers looking to increase their bottomline ROI. Whether we reach them on LinkedIn or Facebook (which is our primary ad platform) it doesn’t matter. For the purposes of repurposing this post, we can pretty much roll with the post ‘as is’ since this is a new blog channel and we’re still building our audience. Post the link to LI and you’re good to go.

Instagram - because IG is a visual platform, we’ll post just the featured image to IG as the actual piece of content. We can add a caption and maybe a hash tag or two directly to the image and then post the URL in the comments or our profile and direct users back to the blog post there. 

Facebook - here we can get a bit more creative. Maybe come up with a new and possibly an alternate version of the opening paragraph, specifically addressing the facebook audience. We might even swap out the photo, but not right now cause we’re in a hurry to feed the machine. We’re still going to link back to the actual post on our blog, we’re just giving the Facebook post a bit of a facelift, pun intended ;)

Twitter - here we’re just going to re-write our headline to make it Twitter-esque and 144 character friendly.  

A Custom Content Machine

Now we’ve got not just one, but FIVE unique pieces of content, going out to five different sub-channels or segmented verticals for our target market. Even if one potential new customer sees us in two or three (or more) places, the content appears different to them as well as to the backend algorithms of each individual social platform. The call to action is the same—check out some potentially useful information and learn more about us on our new website to see how you can increase your social targeting and audience targeting today. 

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