You did it!

Let's get started. Arrow is incredibly easy to use.

1. Connect Facebook

Open Arrow in the upper right corner of your browser. Continue with Facebook and follow the instructions. Arrow works with your Facebook Business Page so you have nothing new to learn!

Pro tip: Pin Arrow by clicking the puzzle piece icon in the upper right corner. That way Arrow remains visible.

2. Launch Arrow

Now it's time to visit your Facebook Business Page and boost a post. Either create a new post or boost a post you already have.

Pro tip: Open Arrow from any page on the web and click on your account tab for a quick shortcut to your Facebook Business Pages.

3. Boost Your Boost

Now that you've boosted a post, just open Arrow and wait a few seconds while we analyze your boost. Just click "Let's Go". It's like magic! Choose the audiences you like from our Ai and click "Go".

You just made sure that every click counts with Arrow!

We're here to help 24/7

Chat with us here on our website or on our Facebook Page. All questions and comments are welcome!


Congratulations! You’re about to launch your ads into the stratosphere.


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